The unfettered flying of unpowered aircraft, sailplanes, riding naturally occurring rising currents of air, thermals, in the atmosphere is soaring; the first step of learning to fly is as simple as learning to cycle. A skill taught to every aspiring pilot. Any licensed, unlicensed or aspirant pilot may book a time slot and fly at the nearest Soaring Casa.


Air shows beyond warbirds and airliners - exhibitions & displays. Not only on the ground but in the air too – drones, R/Cs, pistons, general aviation, turbos, aerobatics, skywriting, jetman, jetpack, swarm flights, synchronised flying ...


fastest, farthest, longest, highest, most…. and all other such adverbs or adjectives for people, cars, bikes, boats and airplanes. Aerial contests include various classes of grand prix and aerobatics with light aircraft, drones, R/Cs, sailplanes, human powered aircraft in categories for men, women and open class.

Grand Prix


This is where you socialise, network, chill-out, dine, entertain guests, relax, recreate, play and fly; yes, principally a club where soaring is the dominant sport! Hone your flying skills, flex your wings, work the simulator, aspirants can train themselves to be soaring pilots and those desirous can get themselves licensed as sport pilots or adventure pilots.